Visions of Wisdom
November 17 - February 3, 2024
Curated by Giuliana Vidarte
With artists: Chonon Bensho, Carolina Caycedo,  Priscilla Dobler Dzul, Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, Voluspa Jarpa, Kite, MAHKU, Brus Rubio, and Olinda Silvano.


NOME is pleased to announce Visions of Wisdom, curated by Giuliana Vidarte. The exhibition presents works from artists throughout the Americas that address different forms of indigenous knowledge and struggle.

Oral memory, myths, the knowledge of master plants, the wisdom of grandfathers and grandmothers, and stories of resource exploitation, violence, and the destruction of the ecosystems of contemporary indigenous peoples have been gathered and represented in the last decades by artists from different contexts in the Americas. Visions of Wisdom brings together a group of artistic practices that affirm the urgency of recovering and integrating other modes of knowledge and new histories that lead to a renewal of human ways of life amidst the current environmental crisis. The show includes Chonon Bensho and Olinda Silvano from the Shipibo-konibo people of the Peruvian Amazonia, work by Carolina Caycedo that focuses on the Nez Perce community and their bonds and exchanges with the Snake River, the Murui-bora painter Brus Rubio, a project by Voluspa Jarpa that presents the arriero of the Andes and the relationship with the landscape as a representation of otherness and non-hegemonic resistance, the Huni Kuin Artists Movement (MAHKU), the Oglála Lakȟóta artist and composer Kite, the Yanomami artist Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe, and Priscilla Dobler Dzul, a multiethnic indigenous Maya artist whose work studies Maya ancestral memory and myths.

In this exhibition, the Amazonian forest in Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela, the Andes in Chile, and the valleys, lowlands, and plateaus in Mexico and the United States are spaces in which processes of learning and the struggle for autonomy and the rights of contemporary indigenous and mestizo cultures unfold. Painting, embroidery, audiovisual works, and sculpture bring together a range of traditional wisdoms. A consistent presence of patterns, lines, and rhythms stand out in the compositions. The various artistic approaches establish interconnections from the lines of the roots to the trees, through the paths of the rivers and over the plains, towards the sky and to constellations that delineate the cosmic environment. The ancestral geometric designs evoke visions of belonging and routes that cross time. They show  how this knowledge unfolds between generations, interconnecting beings and elements.


Opening: Friday 17 November from 6 to 9 PM
Press Release
Giuliana Vidarte, Visions of Wisdom