View of the gallery

Founded in 2015, NOME works with international emerging and mid-career artists whose practices engage diverse disciplines and involve a broad range of media.

NOME enables artists to deepen their research and further their artistic potential by collaborating with various cultural institutions and facilitating the production of new works for each exhibition.

The curated program of the gallery aims to raise critical awareness of the crucial issues facing our age.


Director: Luca Barbeni
Gallery manager: Olga Boiocchi
Sales associate: Jesi Khadivi
Digital communication: Nan Xi

Exhibition set up, art handling: Nino Caltabiano

Identity and Web design: 515 Creative Shop
Graphic design: Matteo Barbeni


Please Notice: at the moment we are not accepting artist submissions.


Potsdamer Str 72 - 10785 Berlin | Tuesday - Saturday, 1pm - 6pm
030 92283788