Guardianes de los Bosques, 2023
Olinda Silvano

Guardianes de los Bosques, 2023
Embroidery on textile
155 x 145 cm

Shipibo-Konibo artist Olinda Silvano uses geometric Shipibo weaving designs, “kené”, to materialize the visions, cosmology, and language of the Ayahuasca ritual. Kene lines are not mere abstract geometric graphics; they depict the koshi force of plants and their ibo, the spiritual owners of the forest, which visionary women, like Olinda, see in their minds and show in their works. For Olinda, her work as a contemporary Shipibo-Konibo artist is a powerful form of activism that uses another language, the language of plants, to fight against discrimination and to defend the Amazon and its peoples.

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