Solar Panels 001-005, 2022
James Bridle

Solar Panel 001 (Anthocyrtium hispidum)
Solar Panel 002 (Caclocyma petalospyris)
Solar Panel 003 (Heliodiscus umbonatus)
Solar Panel 004 (Hexastylus triaxonius)
Solar Panel 005 (Stylodicta clavata)
Engraved glass, 100W 12V monocrystalline solar panel, frame
129,5 x 62 x 6 cm
Original images CC-BY 2.0 by Picturepest

Solar Panels 001-005 (2022) are engraved with images and named for five species of Radiolarian: microscopic sea creatures who construct elaborate mineral skeletons from silica. Recent optical research has shown that certain forms of engraving can increase the efficiency of solar photovoltaic panels, by trapping certain frequencies of light which would otherwise be reflected. In these works, Bridle invokes the potential of collaboration with the more-than-human world to seek regenerative solutions to the problems that we face, and the possibilities of collective education and agency.

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