Genetologic Research nr. 18: 2004 A.D., Tajimi, Japan, 2004
Maarten Vanden Eynde

Carton, cloth and ceramics

35 x 35 x 20 cm

Future history is created either by force, special care or random luck. Objects are broken, destroyed, hidden, repaired, preserved, or accidentally find themselves in the perfect geological and climatological conditions after unexpected calamities like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, and floods. Genetologic Research nr. 18 consists of shards of a ceramic cup, broken during a residency in a traditional ceramic workshop in Tajimi, Japan. The remains of the hand-crafted teacup became part of “contemporary archaeology” – a string of thoughts that influenced the creation of several new works and became one of the key theorems of Genetology, the Science of First Things.

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