Future Flora: Manono IV, 2022
Maarten Vanden Eynde

Printed circuit boards (PCB), various seeds
162 x 162 x 6 cm

Future Flora: Manono consists of various graphic translations of Lithium ore reserves in the Democratic Republic of Congo, surrounded by the outlines of the mining concession of the Australian mining company AVZ Minerals. The map was transferred onto a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and embellished with a wide variety of seeds and grains collected on-site in Manono, representing transistors and electrical components. Together they mimic a lukasa or ‘memory board’ like those historically used in the region as archives for the topographical and chronological mapping of political histories and as a means of remembering important people, places, and mythical migration routes. The seeds are organised in relation to the graphic outlines of the mining concession and evoke the memory of seed collection, preservation, modification and militarisation. At the same time, they literally act as a back-up for rare plant species that sometimes grow only on one specific hill or in one particular valley as a result of the presence of certain minerals in the soil. They can be used to recreate the original fauna and flora when the mining activities have ended.

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