that is complete. and knowledge is another
Kameelah Janan Rasheed
April 25 - July 27, 2024

NOME is pleased to announce that is complete. and knowledge is another, the third solo exhibition at the gallery by the American artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed.


With an interest in the poetics and possibilities of loss, ruin, and failure in the reading and writing process, Kameelah Janan Rasheed is interested in Black knowledge production and fugitivity. Drawing on her regional East Palo Alto (Northern California) Black vernacular upbringing, Islamic mysticism, neo-animism, and quantum physics, she grapples with the poetics, politics, and pleasures of the unfinished and uncontained. Her works—which have taken the form of Xerox-based collages, videos, large-scale text banner installations, lecture-performances, and public interventions—engage an understanding of text as an unfixed, living organism that desires iteration and intervention.


that is complete. and knowledge is another marks Janan Rasheed’s return to Berlin after her 2023 solo exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. With a mainly autobiographical focus on her middle name Janan, from the Semitic root JNN, meaning to hide or conceal, this exhibition explores Rasheed’s emerging relationship to Sufi cosmology and the poetics of both spiritual and political [un]veiling. The veil—a popular and overused trope concerning Muslim women is not the focus of the show. In an expansive work comprising a constellation of video, prints, and annotations, Rasheed, who veils or wears the traditional hijab, considers not the fabric of veiling but rather our relationship to concealment through the trickster archetype who challenges us to consider questions of intimacy, proximity, and certainty. What truth is available to us? What truth is concealed?


Kameelah Janan Rasheed (b. 1985, East Palo Alto, CA) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Her most recent solo exhibitions include REDCAT, Los Angeles (2024); KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin (2023); Art Institute of Chicago (2023); and Kunstverein Hannover (2022). Janan Rasheed has additionally exhibited her work at the Athens Biennial, Glasgow International, FRONT Triennial, and Prospect New Orleans and has participated in group exhibitions at renowned institutions internationally. She is a recipient of a 2023 Working Artist Fellowship; the 2022 Schering Stiftung Award for Artistic Research; a 2022 Creative Capital Award; and a 2021 Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts.

Opening: Thursday 25 April 6-9 PM
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