Margareth Kammerer feat. Cat Lamb and Rebecca Lane

NOME is pleased to announce a concert by Margareth Kammerer with Cat Lamb and Rebecca Lane on April 22, 2023 at 7:00 PM. This is the third concert in the series Sounds and Traces, curated by Luciano Chessa.

Margareth Kammerer has composed songs for voice and electric guitar with lyrics by Virginia Woolf (Great Britain, Sussex 1882-1941) and by Clio Nicastro (Italy, Palermo 1984).

Kammerer has invited the musicians and composers Cat Lamb and Rebecca Lane to rearrange and perform the songs with her.

Their music is a journey from a British writer’s microscopic observations of nature and soul at the end of the 19th century to the lyricism of a young Sicilian poet’s new, powerful voice approximately one hundred years later. The artists weave a tapestry of voices and instrumental tones, as well as the sounds of objects. Inspired by the words of Virginia Woolf; “(…) There is nothing staid, nothing settled in this universe, all is rippling, all is dancing (…),” Kammerer, Lamb, and Lane create lively, permeable and transparent musical structures that give space to the words and send them and the listeners on their own journeys.

Rebecca Lane is a musician who explores intonation, focusing on extended just intonation, alternative tuning systems, and the perceptual and relational aspects of sounding/activating this material with others. Catherine Lamb is an active composer exploring the interaction of tone, the summations of shapes and shadows, phenomenological expansions, liminal architecture, and the long introduction form. She currently resides in Berlin.


Suoni e Tracce * Sounds and Traces * Klänge und Spuren is a multi-part sonic program consisting of five concerts curated by Luciano Chessa from August 27, 2022 to Summer 2023.


Concert Program:

Margareth Kammerer feat. Cat Lamb and Rebecca Lane April 22, 2023

Francesco Donadello May 27, 2023

Yoyo Röhm + Kristof Hahn July 7, 2023