The Hegemonic Map, 2022
Voluspa Jarpa

Laser-etched steel, brass, and copper
75 x 150 x 7 cm
Piece 3 from a series of 5 + 2AP
Photo Billie Clarken

Part of a research project that originates in a question the artist seeks to answer: how is the modernist, Eurocentric and colonial gaze configured? The gaze that later expands from Europe to the USA and constructs a symbolic contempt that is imposed as political, cultural, and economic subjugation in non-hegemonic regions?

To do so, the work seeks to rescue concepts coined from a Eurocentric perspective that shed light on the violence with which the world is reduced to an expansionist, developmentalist, and hegemonic model.

The map depicts the European colonial hegemony worldwide. Only eleven countries in the world have been free from European domination: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Iran, Japan, Liberia, Mongolia, Nepal, North and South Korea, and Thailand.

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