#MakeinIndia’, 2016
#MakeinIndia’, 2016

Sajan Mani
29 x 21 cm
Edition of 20

50 Euro

With the purchase of this work you will donate to the hospital in Cremona, Italy to face the Covid-19 emergency.

 The performance #MakeinIndia’ was  an “act of resistance through a black Dalit body to draw attention to historical and current injustice […]My body is a site for the powerless, the untouchable and the unspeakable. My performance will attempt to evoke pain, shame, power and fear. I carry the bodies of Dalit grandfathers who were used as cows/beasts of burden in the fields and killed. I question collective memory and knowledge systems.”

The performance is part of a larger body of work in which the artist considers various interpretations of the the cow, including its relationship to food, religion, and politics.

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