Hyped by History, Hypnotized by Memory, 1976-2019
Navid Nuur

Two 5 Euro cents coins, one pressed with the fingerprint of the artist
Variable dimensions
Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Ginamarco Bresadola

Navid Nuur’s Hyped by History, Hypnotized by Memory (1976-2019) employs a material made for public transaction as well as for private use; a durable alloy for outdoors, for surviving, but also a domestic alloy for inside. The multifaceted work moves from a collective value – that of the 5 euro cent coin – to an alternative system of value – that of the art; from a collective position, within Europe, to the personal position of the artist; from symbols of the power of humanity – like the Roman Colosseum, inscribed on the Italian version of the 5 euro cent – to a human’s finger. It is not incidental that copper, which coats all 5 euro cents, is also an excellent electrical conductor.

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