History of Painting II., 2019
Jan Tichy

Mixed media on forty 35 mm color diapositives from the discarded diapositives collection of the
Art Institute of Chicago displayed on a slide projector on continuous loop
Variable dimensions
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin

Jan Tichy’s History of Painting II. (2019) is based on the idea of obsolescence in relation to visual art and education. In 2014 the Art Institute of Chicago decided to discard its collection of over one million teaching slides. The artist took all the 35mm slides filed under “history of painting” to his studio, around ten thousand in total. In 2015 he created History of Painting I., an installation for the Chicago Cultural Center, covering three large windows with slides edited by color, presenting the ratio of color use in this chosen history of painting. His new work from this discarded didactic material consists of forty slides, pressed together in pairs in 35mm-slide frames and mounted on a carousel. Each slide was not cut, colored, or edited in any particular way; the artist simply carefully placed them on top of each other to achieve the desired composition and tone.

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