Fountain (Gunung Kawi), 2017
Marco Cassani

Found and collected foreign and Indonesian coins from the Gunung Kawi temple fountain
205 x 2,5 ΓΈ cm
Courtesy of the artist and Honold Fine Art, Bali

For one year Marco Cassani regularly visited the fountain of a Balinese temple and collected the coins that locals and tourists had thrown in the water while making their wishes. Through producing a sculptural epitome for the accumulation of money, a tall vertical stack of coins, the artist obliterates their monetary value. As an artwork, of course, the object will be valued anew. In Fountain (Gunung Kawi) (2017), as in previous works, Cassani reflects on the global economic system; in particular, the precarious state of interhuman agreements, and the subtle distinction between trading and economy (i.e. value creation), which is at the base of cultural production.

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