Facial Weaponization Suite, 2012
Zach Blas

Facial Weaponization Suite: Fag Face Mask – October 20, 2012, Los Angeles, CA

Plastic mask

21,5 x 18 x 10,5 cm

Facial Weaponization Communiqué: Fag Face

HD single-channel video, colour with sound, 16:9

8:10 min

Courtesy the artist


The Facial Weaponization Suite series protests against the biases of biometric facial recognition through the fabrication of “collective masks” that are modeled from the aggregated facial data of Blas’s workshop participants. The amorphous pink Fag Face Mask was generated from the biometric data of many queer men’s faces in a response to rapid facial recognition techniques that supposedly predict sexual orientation.  The video narrates in an automated voice the political impetus behind the series. 

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