Edwards Air Force Base (34.8190015, -117.853113), 2016
Ingrid Burrington

Lenticular print
102 x 102 cm
Photo: Gianmarco Bresadola

Ingrid Burrington’s large-scale lenticular prints show politically and technologically significant sites – data centers, air bases, space stations, downlinks – captured by high-resolution aerial photography. The lenticulars show two versions of a single location at different points in time, to reveal the instability and shifting realities of satellite views. We see sites before and after data centers’ construction, building details camouflaged by filters, and whole locations blurred out in censorship. The image shows two destroyed B-52s on the dry lake bed of Edwards Air Base – perhaps a residue from the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (1991) between the US and the USSR, which reduced the use of certain weapons after the Cold War. The military would leave these disused craft out in the open, visible to the other country’s spy satellites, to show they were no longer employing them.

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