Wendimagegn Belete

b. 1986, Ethiopia.
Lives and works in Oslo and Addis Ababa.

Wendimagegn Belete crafts expansive mixed-media works that weave together personal and collective narratives. Steeped in references to Ethiopian history and culture, his works—which take the form of paintings, installations, tapestries, and sculptures—often  incorporate diverse elements like archival photographs, letters, maps, and recorded conversations.

Belete’s work evokes a sense of multiplicity, wherein narratives converge and entwine through the meeting of archival materials and spontaneous, instinctive mark making. His explorations of history, identity, and epigenetic inheritance—how memories transfer over generations and permeate our present—spark reflections upon the relation between the past and present that revolve around questions about colonial history, representation, modernity, materiality, and ownership.

Belete’s works have been shown in numerous institutions and renowned exhibitions such as the Gwangju Biennale, South Korea; Bangkok Biennale; National Museum of Norway, Oslo; Future Generation Art Prize, PinkchukArt-Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine; Hacer Noche, Oaxaca; Tang Contemporary, Beijing; Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art; and Munch Museum, Oslo.

Berlin, February 23
NOME presents

Rite of Passage

Wendimagegn Belete

February 23 - April 13, 2024

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