Material Matters: Li3, 2018-2019
Maarten Vanden Eynde

Wall chart painting, acrylic paint on linen canvas

126 x 96 cm

Material Matters is a series of paintings, each representing a naturally occurring element as part of Mendeleev’s periodic table, which is universally used as an overview of all existing chemical elements. The paintings were made in collaboration with the Lubumbashi-based Congolese artist Musasa, who specialises in the use of visual language as a means of transmitting and communicating information to the general public, on educational panels in the National Museum of Lubumbashi. The canvasses are stretched between two wooden rods, making reference to old school charts or wall charts widely used around the world in

pre-digital times. Each element is visualised by various drawings, pictograms and symbols that form an educational rebus, or a summary of the origin, use and influence of the various materials. The series functions both as an introduction to vast amounts of little-known knowledge and as a means to preserve vital information about all the elements involved.

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