In Our Hands, 2015
Marjolijn Dijkman

HD double-channel video, colour, stereo audio

9:20 min

Commissioned for ‘Global Imaginations’, Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden University and National Museum of World Cultures, Leiden, NL

Produced in collaboration with Geert Belpaeme (performance), Jeroen Koffeman (motion caption and animation), Charlotte Vanden Eynde (choreography), Lieven Moors (music)

The video displays two pairs of phantom hands on back-to-back LED screens. Lit like the blue of an X-ray scanner, the hands belong to a dancer, whose gestural movements have been captured with motion sensors and translated into animation. The gestures include those of religious blessing, military signal, and political persuasion or protest. They are willful – a command or a direction – as well as less conscious, an excess of signal that ultimately escapes words.


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