Banknotes from the series 366 Liberation Rituals, 2008-2009
Igor Grubic

Mixed media
63 x 92,8 x 3 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Art Collection Telekom

For a whole year Igor Grubić wrote the message “Resist the epidemics of greed” on 1,300 banknotes of different values. The message, at the core of his work Banknotes from the series “366 Liberation Rituals” (2008-2009), refers to the wave of consumerism that had a huge impact on Croatians during the transition process from socialism. Shopping malls opened and became places that generated a new way of community life, of leisure and fun, where whole families would spend their time together. One of the most visible signs of this new era was how Croatian citizens were spending more money than they earned, a gateway to another lifestyle.

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