View of the gallery

NOME is a contemporary art gallery located in Berlin. It was founded by Luca Barbeni in 2015. The gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists, many of whom have had their first international solo show with NOME. These artists engage in diverse practices including activism, archival work, and the articulation of indigenous counter-narratives.

The gallery’s curated program unfolds through various platforms such as exhibitions, concerts, talks, and editorial activities. NOME’s artists regularly participate in significant institutional exhibitions and biennials. The gallery has taken part in international art fairs including ARCOmadrid, The Armory Show, Art Basel Statements, Artissima, EXPO Chicago, and Feria Material, among others.


Director: Luca Barbeni
Gallery manager: Olga Boiocchi
Writer and editor: Jesi Khadivi
Exhibition set up and art handling: Nino Caltabiano

Identity and Web design: 515 Creative Shop
Graphic design: Matteo Barbeni


Please notice that at the moment we are not accepting artist submissions.


Potsdamer Str 72 - 10785 Berlin | Tuesday - Saturday, 1pm - 6pm
030 92283788