Berlin, December 2
NOME presents

Evidentiary Realism

Group show

December 2 - February 17, 2018

Evidentiary Realism by Paolo Cirio

Paolo Cirio writes on the impulse and tendency of forensic, documentary, and investigative aesthetics. He discusses the term Evidentiary Realism, the context from which it emerges, and the tension between the social and the subjective in modern art history, which now can be identified with the decline of poststructuralist aesthetics and the return of realism.

“Naturally, in the struggle with falsehood we must write the truth, and this truth must not be a lofty and ambiguous generality [but] something practical, factual, undeniable, something to the point [..] taking away from these words their rotten, mystical implications”. Bertolt Brecht, Writing the Truth, Five Difficulties, 1935.


Evidentiary Realism