Northern Lights, 2018
Addie Wagenknecht

Eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick pigments in UV resins, prozac, oxycontin,and CBD extract on canvas

85 x 59 cm

Courtesy the artist and bitforms, New York

Photo: Jolanda Pfrunder for Reflector Gallery

In Northern Lights, made together with a hacked Roomba vacuum, painterly gestures are detached from the artist’s hand and entrusted to the sensor-based movements of contemporary robotics. These automated splatterings contain chemical smears of modern life: make up, cosmetics, and mood-enhancing pharmaceuticals. The painting raises the question of why the physicality of one act should be fetishized when that of another is devalued: the corporeal act of painting as an integral part of the artwork, as opposed to a feminized body’s labor in acts of cleaning and maintenance. 



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